Wednesday, 4 November 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking - Women's Slouch Boots

Today, boots are a great fashion item not juts for men but also for women. They look very sexy and stylish and they are also very functional. Women's slouch boots are making a come back again after years of keeping their silence. Now, they are once again the target of fashionable women who love to follow the current trend.

But boots are not just trends. They have been around since that time when American pioneers are just starting to move to Western territories to claim lands. You probably heard about the great covered wagons driven by American pioneers who wanted to start a new life at the West. At that time cowboys were still very popular. You can still see cowboys now but the original cowboys were a breed of men separate from ordinary men. They have courage that is second to none. Cowboys and anything related to them are regarded as romantic.

These cowboys wore boots to protect their feet from the long travels by horse. Cowboy boots are created in such a way to make it easier for men to travel and to use their feet to control the horse. High heeled boots are also extremely popular because it lends them an air of nobility. During that time, cowboy boots were usually worn by men and were made from 100 % cowhide. These were very functional and sturdy, perfect for walking and horseback riding in the rugged terrains of the Old West.

But now, these boots became a fashion item for women. They are not just made of cowhides but from many other different materials such as ostrich skins, snake skin, and crocodile hide. Suede slouch boots in particular are very popular among fashionistas because they look elegant, stylish, and they are also comfortable to wear. Leather slouch boots are considered as classic footwear for both men and women. You can buy them in different colors such as brown, back, white, pink, and so on.

The cowboys of the past will probably be amazed at how expensive these boots are sold at shoe stores. They will also be amazed at how women can easily pair slouch boots with mini skirts, shorts, or skinny jeans and look very sexy and stylish.

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