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Discounts Apparel - Get Great Apparel Discounts For Your Money

In business, retailers have to shell out money for the production of items before adding up a price mark and selling it to the final user. Most of the manufacturers add twenty to fifty to the total cost then sell this to the public to make a profit. It is a fact that these manufacturers do not go on sale or have a promo everyday. The reason for this is that the company has to meet their sales quota by prioritizing the regular items first, then followed by the promotional items. It is also a fact that on the side of the customer, they always want to have a good value for their money.

Most of the time, these two sides really cannot meet head on. However, you could be lucky at times and get great discounts in outlet stores who have the "warehouse style" in selling. In these occasions, manufacturers not only have one brand available in their stores but they carry several. Best part, they really give big discounts.

You can also check the internet for the list of stores which offer discounts. You can just browse different websites and you can use your credit card to pay. No problem with the delivery because your item will be shipped to you within two to three days. Some websites really give big discounts because the items they sell are either overruns or have small defects. So you also need to be careful in selecting items on the internet. But definitely it is not noticeable and not bad for the price you get. Customers can still even ask for bigger discounts since their items have some minor defects.

If you have the chance of buying at these stores, make sure to remember their store location or website if you purchased online. Because most of the time, they offer membership to their customers. Once you are a member of their store, you will always be notified regarding their special events or their new arrivals. This is one of their strategies to make their customers come back. This means more income for them.

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Real Hair Wigs For the Real Hair Experience!

If you are suffering from hair loss, there are chances you might be looking for real hair wigs. You have a choice. There are synthetic wigs and there are wigs made from real human hair. It is true that synthetic wigs give you a long lasting hair-do without burning a hole in your pocket. They also dry faster and are easy to take care of.

But, there is one pitfall that, perhaps, has given real hair wigs an edge over artificial ones. Synthetic hair melts when exposed to hot styling products. On the other hand, wigs made from human hair give you the feeling of having real hair on your head. They appear real too. This is not all. You can restyle them with curling irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers.

Whose Hair Is In There?

Mostly, European hair is used instead of Indian/Asian hair to manufacture human hair wigs. This is because European hair is finer. When opting for such wigs, you must educate yourselves about the pros and cons of using these wigs. You must know their various textures and styles, and, of course, costs.

How To Fix A Wig On The Head?

When you have natural hair on the head, special clips would do the job of holding the wig over your hair. If your natural hair is thick, you might need to don a skull cap on your head and then fix the wig over it.

For people with thinned out hair or baldness, you need double-sided sticky tape to fix the wig over your head. You may need a few practice sessions to gain mastery over wearing wigs. The wigmaker can assist you with this.

Tips To Care For Real Hair Wigs

  • Such wigs need extra care. For people who are bald and do not wear a skull cap, you must ensure your scalp is not oily. Oily scalp may create the risk of the wig slipping away or giving it a greasy appearance.
  • Always place your wig on a mannequin or hair stand after taking it off your head.
  • Avoid washing your hair wig daily, as it may thin out or break down.
  • Washing your wig after wearing it 6-8 times during summer and 12-15 times during winter is enough.
  • The best way to dry a wig is blotting it with a towel and then letting it air dry.
  • Use a gentle brush to style your wig. Never style when the wig is wet.

Real hair wigs are a cool way to enhance your looks and make a style statement.

Real hair wigs are a far better option compared to synthetic man-made wigs. Not only do they look more real but they also come in various different textures and styles. Moreover, unlike artificial wigs, they can be restyled with the help of a straightening and curling iron. Visit for more information.

How to Dress to Look Both Sexy and Stylish at the Same Time

Let's start with shoes. They are the spice and great finish of any attire. A lot of women tend sacrifice comfort to 'dress-to-kill' look on absurdly high heels. After a whole day at work or all night long party they suffer from sore feet, heavy legs, weak knees and back pain. True, high heels are simply enchanting but on condition that you can walk on 4-inch heels. High-heeled legs will not look any sexier if you can hardly move and your gait is awkward to say the least. Flats may not give the effect you desire so try to choose something in between.

Another important issue is to fully understand the difference between sexy and slutty. On no account has a sexy look much to do with baring it all outright. Let their imagination work and leave some parts covered. You need to develop a sense of proportion and feeling for occasion as it imposes a particular code of dress. Low-cut tops should not go with mini skirts. Try to pair them with jeans or denim leggings. You will look much better - more stunning and trendier. Nakedness looks good on the beach, under shower or in bed otherwise it is simply pathetic. The same applies to see-through-all-over tops and dresses or super skinny black leather pants. Be very careful with these as you may end up looking sluttish. Excessive bareness is in bad taste.

The trick is to expose your strongest points and mask weaker elements of your figure. Here again you have to avoid exaggerating - restraint is the key word. Bring out one asset at a time to fully focus the viewer's attention on a particular feature. Examine your figure type and individual body build to be fully aware of what should be covered and what you have to highlight.

March up with fashion trends. Stay in the know but don't be slave to fashion. Don' t copy the latest Paris-Milan-New-York look thoughtlessly. Fashion magazines are not religion to follow indiscriminately. Finding the middle-ground between what's in and what suits you is an absolute must to look hot and natural. Don't buy clothes only because they are in vogue. You have to look good and feel yourself in a piece of clothing you are trying on. This is the main criteria. And if you look up-to-date at the same time it means you have found a perfect garment.

To spice things up and add flavor to your attire play with accessories such as handbags, scarves, and jewelry. Don't forget about the rule of restraint and moderation. Excess will destroy any outfit. If you wear a richly embellished necklace be soft on other pieces of jewelry. Style and elegance requires simplicity and subtlety.

And the last tip, don't be a copycat but try to stay unique by experimenting with fashion. Only then you will be able to express your own personality, individual taste and stand out from the crowd.

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Cufflinks As a Woman's Second Best Friend

rPeople are used to seeing men wearing cufflinks. They wear it on corporate or formal events with their dress shirts, dinner or sports jackets, corporate suits and more often, with their tux. It is for this reason that most people generally think of cufflinks as an accessory designed specifically for men.

But there are no regulations that clearly define cufflinks as an exclusive accessory for men. Cufflinks are worn with long long-sleeved dress shirts, with French cuffs or simply button holes. Therefore anyone who wears these dress can obviously wear cufflinks-even women.

That's one thing that's not customary. It's not common for women to wear cufflinks. But that doesn't discount the fact that women can actually wear it as add-ons to their corporate or professional attire. As a matter of fact, there are actually a number of cufflinks available in the market that is specially designed for women. Cuff links are not exclusively masculine anymore.

A long-sleeved blouse, blazers or none, coupled with a pair of sleek trousers or office skirt can be more attractive with a pair of cufflinks. Fashion has designed modern blouses for women with double holes or folded cuffs at the end of the sleeves. While it may not be as thick as that of men's dress shirts, they primarily serve the same purpose and could look really great with cufflinks.

The same rules apply for women who want to wear cufflinks. First off, the classic ones are for formal wear. A wide array of classic cuff links in different textures, designs and material are available. They're not necessarily expensive. Diamond studded ones are not needed. Your cuff links does not have to be to look classy. Simplicity is the key. Modestly designed cufflinks are not only elegant, but they can be paired off with more dresses as well.

When it comes to color, you can choose the same color as that of men's although women are given more liberty in choosing colors like purple, lavender, fuchsia or any other color that men wouldn't even think of wearing. Colored cufflinks are obviously feminine cufflinks and with the variety of design and colors available, you can easily distinguish which cufflinks are for men or women.

Take note: Your cufflinks should pick up the color of your other accessories like your wristwatch, necklace or earrings. The prevailing color of your cuff links should match perfectly the color of your accessories. For classic silver-toned cufflinks, you have to wear silver jewelry and gold-toned cufflinks for gold jewelry. If you have pearl earrings, you can also match them with a female design of mother of pearl cufflinks.

A lot of cufflinks are now overtly feminine which discounts men from wearing such designs and colors. Some can be worn by both men and women but a lot of fabulously designed cufflinks are now designed exclusively for women. All these are available in jewelry stores offline and online. Happy shopping!

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Here's How to Easily Get Your Perfect Pair of Cargo Shorts

Are you having trouble choosing a pair of cargo shorts that suits your body type and your lifestyle? Are you feeling like the chaotic state of the fashion industry prevents you from getting the comfort you've been searching for?

Are you wondering how you can look your absolute best and still feel relaxed and at ease in your own skin? Are you feeling like you've hit a bump in the road when it comes to being both fashionable and at ease. Many folks feel the exact same way you do. They want to be in style, to be comfortable, to get organized, but they feel overwhelmed and uncertain. They feel that it's just too much work to find out what the best style and fit is. They feel they don't have the time to buckle down and shop for themselves.

Now here's something to chew on: It's time to change your story and learn the facts about cargo shorts and how you can benefit from owning a pair or two. You may have never heard of cargo shorts before today. But surprisingly enough they a shorter version of cargo pants. And if you pay close attention, you'll discover that many people are conducting business as usual wearing cargo shorts to kinds of events and for all types of occasions. They are not just for men anymore. Women have joined in on this hot fashion trend. You get a winning combination of classic style and comfort and ease.

The simple fact of the matter is cargo shorts have become a popular yet highly practical and extremely effective garment among men and women, boys and girls. Stated a little differently, they make a fashion statement while at the same time provide usefulness. Designers have gone above and beyond by creating men's cargo shorts or women's cargo shorts that can be worn to business offices, for exercise and recreation, for hiking, and even for a night out on the town.

The kicker here is to get proper guidance so that you don't feel as if you are looking for a needle in a haystack. Finding just the right fit and style will help you get the most out of one of the smartest clothing purchases you'll ever make. What's more, there is no shortage of designs for you. With a little persistence, you quickly learn how to pair tops with the shorts you choose and which ones are best for casual outings.

Feast your eyes on the functionality of cargo shorts:

- Designed for tough-rugged-outdoor activities
- Promotes free-flowing movement with baggy
- Quick-drying fabric
- Durable stitching
- Oversized belt loops
- Abundance of large pockets with accordion folds
- Rectangular panels of fabric make bending at the knee or hip a cinch
- Felled seams to get better resistance to water

Let's jump into the details how to buy cargo shorts as you carefully consider your own personal needs, the number of pockets that will suit you and the fit , as well as the type of fabric that's important to you. Ready?

(1) What do you need?

You may not know this but, each style of cargo shorts is designed for a specific purpose so it's best to have a good handle on your needs. No doubt, about it, versatility is a key factor regardless of whether you are looking for camo cargo shorts for men or cargo shorts for women. For example, did you know that you could purchase shorts that have zip-off legs making it easy to convert them into long pants? This is especially helpful when the weather changes.

Here's some questions you should ask yourself:

- Are you picking up a pair just for everyday wear and tear?
- Do you intend to take an adventurous vacation and require something rugged and durable?
- Would you prefer a pair that you could wear to work or a pair that would be great for exercising?
- Have you considered cargo shorts elastic waist for additional comfort and reliability?

In addition to this, you must consider whether cost will be a determining factor when purchasing your shorts. For instance, if you plan to shop online, a little research will turn up dozens of cargo shorts on sale.

(2) How many pockets would you like to have?

It's no secret that the pockets on these shorts are truly what make them unique and in high demand. Here's why - the pockets are flat when unfilled and when filled with your personal items like cell phones, iPods, or cameras, they expand. Moreover, take a few moments to consider the style of fastening mechanism that will suit you. Velcro, hook-and-loop, buttons that snap, and zippers are the most common.

(3) What length would you like?

Be careful when choosing a length. If your shorts rise too high above the hip area, it will seem as if you don't have a waist. A good rule of thumb is to pick a length that will hit you just above your knees. They are usually æ in length and also known as flood pants. Think about the kind of environment you'll be in and what the weather will be like. Regular length cargos are the best fit when it's hot outside. Longer shorts are good if you need to protect your knees or prefer loose-fitting shorts with lots of moving room.

(3) What kind of fabric or material most interests you?

If you plan to do your lion's share of physical activity outdoors, a lightweight, and UV protected material will be exactly what you need. For heavy duty activity, camo cargo shorts (camouflage cargo shorts) are on the top of the list for most people.

Typically worn by military personnel, nowadays this style of dress has crossed over to the mainstream. From solid colors to woodland or stinger yellow, you can choose what fits your personal style.

This whole topic may need more space than what is here to fully explain. The bottom line is this: You'll find the best pair of cargo shorts for your body type and lifestyle when you follow the guidelines laid out for you here. Think of your personal needs before you buy and you will end up fashionable and comfortable. A win-win situation don't you think?

Designer Handbags For Less - Staying in Style on a Budget

Having less money to spend on things like designer handbags is an unfortunate reality these days. As much as we hate it, we have to adjust to the times in which we live. Without eliminating "fun" spending altogether, there are compromises you can make in order to continue to have what you want. The following are three ways to have the designer bags you love without putting an extra strain on the family budget.

  • Rent a handbag: There are sites on the internet that allow you to rent bags for a monthly membership cost. No, the bag won't be really yours, but you will feel like it is yours for a couple hours. No one else will know that the bag is rented. In addition to the money you will save, you will be able to keep up with the new trends without breaking the bank. Instead of digging through your closet to find the least outdated bag for a special event, you will have your choice of the most popular option.
  • Buy less frequently: Set a specific amount of time between bag purchases. Instead of impulsively snatching the cutest bag that catches your eye at the mall, commit to buying a bag just once every 3 months, or once every 6 months. You will enjoy the moment that you are finally able to purchase a bag so much more.
  • Buy less expensive bags: If you simply must buy to feed the shopping monkey on your back, consider buying significantly less expensive bags. There are cute bags made by notable designers that do not cost thousands of dollars. Choose these bags instead and your wallet (and husband) will thank you!

Being fashionable doesn't have to cost an arm, leg, and hip! One of my goals is to dig and find as many "cheaper" options as I can. Follow the link to see what I have found so far at Designer Handbags for Less !

A Handbag For All Seasons

Just what is a handbag for all seasons? Don't you need a different handbag for every season? Well, certainly you would prefer a different handbag for every day! However, if you are like most of us, a different handbag for every day of the month is just not in the cards. Still, every woman needs a well constructed, fashionable bag that is versatile. This go-to bag needs to be large enough to carry your essentials, and casual enough to use every single day. So how can you find one bag to cover all of your needs throughout the year? Let's start by looking at the best handbags available to complete your look in just about any situation or season, and build upon the basics.

The first handbag that is absolutely necessary is your everyday bag. This bag must be casual enough to carry almost everywhere you go. However, you do not want it to be so casual that it resembles a backpack or a gym bag of sorts. Rather, you want it to appear sophisticated casual. So what fits into this category? Think of the slouch bags that you see on a daily basis. The slouch is such a common bag that you may have never paid it any mind, as it doesn't really stand out in a crowd. However, it is perfect for errand running, a casual meet-up with a friend, or browsing the newest shops in the mall.

Dooney and Bourke Handbags for All Seasons

The Dooney and Bourke new large slouch makes an ideal everyday bag. And this fairly affordable bag carries a respectable designer name too. We say "large" because the interior carrying capacity is greater than last year's model. The most popular color for the everyday handbag is black, and this bag comes in a beautiful black pebble leather shade. It retails for just under $400.00 in department stores, but you can often find specials if you search the Internet.

The 18" handle is a great length for either holding the bag in your hands or throwing it over your shoulder. Tassel pulls and gold hardware complete the look, along with casual but cool stitching. There is a pocket for your cell phone (of course) and one inside zipper compartment, which leaves the rest of the inside open to use as you please. The lining is a feminine pink and white, which many women are delighted to find in direct contrast to its black exterior. This is an excellent choice for your bag for all seasons - or at least for three of the four seasons.

Balenciaga Handbags for All Seasons

The slouch handbag by Balenciaga is another great everyday handbag. Seen on celebrities like Lisa Rinna, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie, is a gorgeously casual bag to be carried with pride. Balenciaga is known for blending superior craftsmanship with head-turning design - and this is no exception. The Balenciaga Day bag retails for just over $1000 and is worth every penny.

Its precision hand stitching is exceptional, and so is every other feature of this fine handbag. Made in Italy, it has aged brass hardware accents and a cute little framed mirror to complement the spacious bag. It is crafted from butter-soft lambskin, and is available in a wide variety of colors. If this is your 'go-to' handbag, you should love the color you are wearing! While some women opt for a neutral colored everyday handbag, you can have some fun here if you are a bit more daring. The Balenciaga Day bag comes in bold, beautiful colors like Storm (which is a beautiful shade of blue) and Framboise (which is a salmon-type pink). It also comes in neutrals such as black, Pebble and Anthracite (dark gray).

If you are only able to afford one slouch handbag in one color for a true all-seasons bag, the best choice would be a neutral and fairly warm shade of brown. Brown is still quite popular, and opting for tan or camel instead of dark brown or sandy light brown will give you more options as the seasons change.

Marc Jacobs Handbags for All Seasons<

One bag we found in a great all-around brown (as well as white, gray and black) is the slouch by Marc Jacobs. This designer actually creates a number of gorgeous slouch bags, some of which can be found in neutrals and others in more daring and bold prints.

Whether you like Dooney Bourke, and Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, or another designer not mentioned here, choosing a sexy slouch that is designer-quality, yet casual, is a smart move. These bags combine comfort, sophistication and style to make an ideal handbag for all seasons.

Megan Hazel is a freelance writer who writes about fashion, often discussing specific items for women such as handbag organizers.

Hair Wigs - Real Hair Or Synthetic Hair

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons, and you can decide to be bald and proud, or cover your loss by wonderful hair wigs available. Today, such wigs are not only used to cover baldness, and are increasingly being used as a fashion accessory.

Hair wigs are available in various styles, designs and colours. There are many options to choose from. One major decision is whether you want these options in wigs made from human being hair or from synthetic hair. Wigs made from human hair actually use hair from people, whereas synthetic wigs use synthetic fibres. What wig you choose is a matter of preference.

Wigs From Human Hair

People sell their hair to wig manufacturers who craft wigs from them. Prior to this the hair goes through a number of processes. The hair is cleaned, chemically treated, coloured, and then cut and crafted into wigs.

It is easier to match wigs from human hair to the colour of your natural hair. These can even be permed, cut, blow dried, and styled just as you would do with your real hair. Wigs thus made have a more natural look and are softer than their synthetic counterparts. Human hair is also stronger. So, wigs made from them are also more durable.

Wigs From Synthetic Hair

These are made from man-made fibres. When compared to hair wigs, the wigs from synthetic hair cannot be restyled at home. In addition, you cannot change their colour from what has been dyed by the manufacturers.

Synthetic wigs are less expensive than those made from human hair, but to have a better and more natural look you may need to buy an expensive quality. Synthetic wigs retain their shape much better in comparison to wigs made from human being hair.

However, cost is not the only criterion for wig selection.

Caring For Your Wigs

Wigs need caring, whether made from human being hair or from synthetic fibre. It is recommended that you wash your wigs after using them. This, of course, also depends on the environment in which they are used. You will need to wash them if you notice odour emanating from them.

How long your wigs last depends on how you care for them. Brush or comb your wigs with care. Synthetic wigs last for about 3 months or so, if used every day. Hair wigs made from human hair will last for about 18 months.

Hair Wigs are one of the most popular ways to cope with hair loss and also to provide oomph to a regular hair-do. They come in a variety of colours and lengths and are either made up of synthetic man-made fibres. For more information please visit us at

Preparing Your Wardrobe For Wintertime

Winter is on its way, and we need to be prepared for that inevitable chill in the air. Time to put away those light clothes, shorts and sandals until springtime comes. Push the warm weather clothes to the back of your closet, or better yet, store them in portable closets or airtight plastic bins that will fit under your bed. Bring your winter clothing to the front of the closet and maybe add a few items to keep up with the latest fashions. Here are some wintertime essentials that you might place on your shopping list.

A pair of jeans is a must for both men and women. A good pair of jeans will keep your legs warm, is rugged enough for most winter activities, yet jeans are available in so many colors that they can sub for dress slacks or even be acceptable evening wear with the right accessories. Make sure that the jeans fit your body perfectly. A pair that does not have a good fit may be uncomfortable to wear and jeans that are too tight may even pose a health hazard. You always want to try on jeans when shopping for them, and consider breaking them in before wearing them on a long trip or when hiking, skiing or participating in other activities.

Also, consider a good pair of boots if your winters are particularly harsh, with lots of snow and rain. A good pair of boots will offer good traction on slippery surfaces, first and foremost. Yet they are also great for protecting and warming your feet. The size of the waffle on the bottom of the boot will tell you about how serious the boot is and for what activities it is best for. For winter hiking, a big fat waffle is best for maximum traction on snow and ice. Thinner waffles are fine for lighter activities. Don't forget the socks! Your boots are useless if your feet are hurting while wearing them. So, wear thick socks or two pairs of socks to have the best cushion and warmth possible.

Leather jackets may be considered an eighties thing by some, but they are still one of the most effective and stylish winter essentials available. The most popular color is black, but people also prefer some other colors, like brown. A jacket made of good quality leather may cost you a bit but it's totally worth it. With a leather jacket, you'll look great AND be warm and comfortable.

Sweaters are always a winter essential. From big, thick sweaters for the harshest temperatures to comfy holiday sweaters, you should have sweaters in your wardrobe for every occasion.

Nowadays, clothes in many high tech fabrics are available. These new fabrics are made with materials that are lighter, yet still provide that essential warmth. Quite simply, you don't have to wear those bulky sweaters and jackets any more. These high tech fabrics may be a little more expensive but you'll be amazed at the warmth provided by these thin, breathable fabrics.

In addition, you can't forget the fleece! Fleece is great if comfort is your first priority. Fleece clothing comes in many styles and colors. From hoodies to pullovers to sweatshirts and sweatpants, you'll want to have a variety of styles at hand, whether it's for home or on the go. Few fabrics are as versatile or comfortable as fleece.

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Clothing For University Students - Practical Ideas

Everyone knows that going to college or university can cost a small fortune. So it is especially important to save money where possible. Some people need to be the center of attention with the most expensive fashion trends, but let's look at some more practical clothing ideas.

1. Wear a lot of comfortable clothing. With all the stress from tests and exams, the last thing you want to be stressed over is clothing that is too tight. If you don't want to wear comfortable clothing all the time at least have some on hand in your locker or car.

2. Buy a pair of good walking shoes. There is a lot of walking between classes and wearing bad shoes is only going to be a pain. You can pick up a good pair of walking shoes for under $50 at your local department store.

3. Buying clothes that you can layer on top of each other is another great way to be practical. If you get hot you can always remove or add some layers.

4. Thrift stores can be the ultimate way to save a handful of cash. Most of these stores sell old or used clothing for a couple of dollars. The other day I saw a full suit for $6. Sometimes they will have sales to save even further so be sure to stay in touch with them.

5. Remember that you can still look good with look a like brands. Buying designer named clothing is not a smart move while your in college. Your only there for a few years so wait until you have an established career before spending your even cent.

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Women's Boots - The Perfect Fit For Style and Comfort

When choosing a new pair of shoes, most women want something that's comfortable as well as fashionable, however if you have feet which are either wider or narrower than the standard fit, you could have serious problems finding your ideal footwear. The same applies for those with particularly curvy or particularly slim calves, making shopping for boots into a nightmare rather than the pleasure it should be.

Bespoke footwear is an excellent way to make sure you obtain a perfect fit in a style you love. Tailor-made to your own measurements, these incredible boots and shoes often come with an equally incredible price tag, making them too expensive for the majority of women with feet or calves wider or narrower than the high street standard. A great way to get around this problem, though, is to find a company that specialises in different calf widths in boots and different foot widths in shoes, allowing you to purchase footwear with a bespoke feel for the same price as a high street brand.

Shopping online for these specialist fittings is a great place to start and ensures you'll be presented with the widest choice on offer. Often, if high street stores do carry larger width fittings for feet and calves, these are dated, plain styles and are hardly inspiring. By searching the web, you can find a whole host of exciting designers who offer up-to-date models in sizes to fit you. With shoes for every occasion, from weddings, to work nights out, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

With so many different styles on offer, from a range of incredibly talented designers, it is easy to choose this season's hottest footwear in a size that suits you. Whether you have narrow or wide feet, specialist width fittings are a wonderful way of ensuring your new shoes are comfortable enough to wear every day. If you're thinking of investing some of your hard-earned money in new footwear, it's important to know they're not going to sit at the back of the cupboard, gathering dust because you simply can't wear them. After all, why waste space on shoes that don't fit, when you could fill it with those that do?

It's not only your wardrobe that benefits either. Good posture begins with good footwear. Wearing shoes in the correct size can help to combat a multitude of problems, including backache and neck ache due to causes such as fallen arches. Bad posture resulting from ill-fitted shoes can even cause problems with digestion, so it's worth taking the time to find a pair that are comfortable and right for the job you're doing. If you work in a place where you're on your feet all day, it's absolutely vital to your general health to invest in footwear that fits you properly. Not only will it assist in lessening aches and pains you may pick up throughout the day, but shoes which fit better are slower to wear out, leaving you free to spend your wages on other things.

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Men's Jeans and Tightness

In the media, we often see stories about health that can cause all sorts of reactions from the public. More often than not we are faced with contradictory view points and studies that can leave us more confused than ever before. I can not see any difference when it comes to tight jeans and what it does or does not do to our health. There are all sorts of short term media hype and whenever someone remembers to report on it, it is there again. Fashion and health seem to go very much hand in hand with one always trying to win over the other.

There are two types of issues that are said to be affecting men's health if they end up wearing jeans that are tighter than usual. One of them relates to the ability to procreate. Some experts say that wearing very tight clothing can affect it very badly while other say that it is all just a load of hype. The only way to really tell is if some experiments are run. This has already been done and the results appear to be good for those men that are into their fashion. Maybe they are not so much into fashion but just like some good rock and roll.

It is true that many people suffer and make their bodies suffer just so that they can look good for other people. They may often say it is because they want to look good for themselves but I do not think so. Not many people choose to suffer for themselves. Anyhow, going back to fashion and jeans and the tightness of them, if you are uncomfortable in them and they seem to be hurting you, then do not wear them. It really is that simple. And if you hear yourself making excuses now then you probably can not be helped.

In summary, we have two situations. One is where you want to wear tight clothes that includes jeans for the sake of fashion and on the other side you have your health. If it is totally proven that doing so is extremely bad for your health now or in the future then stop wearing those clothes. If it is not proven then it is up to you to decide if you want to take the risk. On the other hand, if it is proven that it is ok to be wearing tight jeans then you should go ahead and do so.

It is not often that we think of our health when we put on a pair of tight jeans. And every time we put on a pair we are all doing the tight jeans dance since it is so hard to put them on.

Women's Basketball Shoes - Comfort Fused With Quality

People who have an active interest in sports would need to ensure that the kinds of outfits they wear are well-suited to assist them in their quest for success in sports. There are many people who not only indulge in sports as a hobby or for a pastime, but also as a profession which is sometimes quite lucrative as well as brings fame and name to many. It is indeed a joy for people to earn laurels on the racing track, the basketball court as well as many other sporting arenas that are quite widespread around the world. When it comes to sports like basketball, gone are the days when sports used to be solely the preserve of men. There are a large number of womenfolk who now take part in sports activities and tournaments and represent their states nationally or even at international tournaments. An integral part of these sportspersons' attire is women's basketball shoes that define the level of comfort for these sports enthusiasts.

There are many brands of women's basketball shoes that one can avail of. If you walk into any store selling shoes, and ask for such shoes, you will be amazed at the wide array of shoes that will be presented right before your eyes. The demand for such shoes is quite high, which explains the fact that manufacturers vie with each other to launch quality shoes that will appeal to a wide range of consumers. People who look for quality basket ball shoes would need to look at certain criteria and quality standards that these shoes have to meet in order to be acceptable to serious and professional players. For one, these shoes have to be quite durable so that they can stand the vigor and the strain of a hectic basketball game, which can get quite rough as well as boisterous. These shoes have to be wear and tear resistant given the kind of pressure needed.

In addition to the durability, one also has to look at the comfort of the shoes. Shoes have to be well padded with soft materials that can cushion the feet especially in case of high impact when the foot lands on the lower portion of the shoe with some pressure. At the same time, one also has to consider the styling and the look of the shoe which has to be of international standards as well as acceptable to discerning eyes.

Women's basketball shoes are available in various sizes and shape. All one needs to do is search properly for a good pair at reasonable price.

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Women in Tight Jeans

Women are always getting mixed messages about what they should and should not be doing. This is especially true when it comes to what they wear. Right now they could be told that wearing really tight clothes is the current fashion and then a few months later they might be told that baggy clothes is the fashion. And it is true that the majority are following the trends. And then right on the back of things there is information where wearing this or that is bad for their health or good for their health. It can all be such a head spin and is easy to get caught up in it all.

When it comes down to specifics we can talk about tight jeans. This is a fashion item that is mostly in all the time. Sometimes a new type takes over as the new thing but it is usually short lived. I think that tight jeans and the color black belong to the same category, they never really go out of fashion. This means that it might be a good idea to have a pair or two in your wardrobe just because. But only do so if you like them and if you feel good in them otherwise it is a waste of money, time and wardrobe space.

It is true that some people are obsessed with clothing that is tight and this is especially true when we talk about jeans. There are those that think it is physically appealing and then there are those that do not. It is always funny to wonder how someone was able to get into something so tight and then how they are ever going to get out of them without some help. There are even videos of this online because it is quite amusing and because it is also such a feat.

It is true that women are always been dictated to by the fashion houses, popular culture and the media but this does not mean that they always have to follow whatever they are told. When a woman knows that something looks good on her and when she feels comfortable and confident in an item of clothing then that is all she needs to concern herself with. However, it does not hurt to take some sort of guidance from the information she is receiving about what to wear and what should not be worn.

Sometimes women in tight jeans look good and sometimes they do not. There are always people that can be found wearing tight hot jeans.

Tight Jeans and Fashion

Fashion has always told us what to wear. And why not? It is not as if we can decide what we are going to wear on any given day anyway. These days we are being told to wear tight jeans. But at the same time you can find any other TV show, magazine or celebrity with a different view point. So in the end it is not like they are really helping us out at all. If you decide you want to wear something then go ahead because if you look hard enough you are sure to find something somewhere saying that it is in fashion right now and good for you.

So this kind of brings us to the question of whether or not jeans that are tight are in fashion. They could be according to some people. But if you have a look at what the celebrities are wearing then they are wearing boyfriend jeans or three quarter ones or something else. The thing to do is to not worry and not wonder. When it comes to tight jeans you just need to look at the history of these things. They have been around forever and ever and even longer than any other style you may have heard of recently.

The other thing to think about is the whole fashion look. These days you cannot get by without your cell phones. You just have to have one or else you will be very much out of touch with all of your friends. Now that you have one where are you going to put it? You need it handy otherwise you might miss an important message or call. So you naturally put it in the back pocket of your jeans which are super tight. Do not be surprised if your phone breaks. It is true that one of the big reasons for cell phones to break, other than getting wet, is getting shoved in and pulled out of jeans that are too tight to put in them.

All in all there are a few things that you should take out of this. One is not to put you cell phone in you back pocket - you just can not have one fashion item breaking another one. Two is to wear tight jeans because they are very likely never going to go out of fashion. And last of all, you should just wear and do what you want.

It seems like everyone has a craze for tight jeans. Some guys like to wear tight girl jeans and sometimes look good in them too.

How to Measure For Shoes

Shoes with different width fittings are a wonderful way to find footwear that feels tailored to you, without having to pay extortionate prices for bespoke items. With costs no more expensive than those on the high street, shopping with a company which carries more than the standard width fitting is a great way to get fashionable, affordable shoes that are the right size for your feet. Whether you have feet that are wider or narrower than average, there is now a whole range of top-quality, international designers who offer high fashion styles in your size.

Whether you've just purchased a fun, flirty pair of pumps, or some sassy high heels to go with your little black dress, you need to know that they'll be comfortable enough to wear over the course of a day at work or an evening out. To do so, it is important to ensure that your new shoes fit correctly, whether you have wide or narrow feet, or are able to wear standard width fittings. This is an incredibly easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes at home - all you need is a measuring tape from a sewing kit.

In order to measure your foot properly, simply place a tape measure on the ground and stand on it firmly at your foot's widest point. It is important to do this whilst standing, as your foot will spread out when you put weight on it, giving a different measurement to one you might take whilst seated. The widest point is usually the distance between the bone below your big toe and the bone below your little toe, leaving the tape measure at a slight angle. When the measuring tape is in place, simply wrap it around your foot and take note of the circumference, using this to determine which size is best for you. You should measure within an accuracy of half a centimetre, and it is important to take note of the circumference of both feet, due to the fact that one is often wider than the other. If this is the case, you need to use the larger measurement when placing your order. If you do not have a tape measure to hand, you could also use a piece of string and a ruler to achieve the same results, marking the string at the appropriate point and measuring what this length is afterward.

If the measurement you took resulted in a half-size, you should assess the style of the shoe and decide whether to opt for the larger or smaller option. If the shoe comes with a pointed toe, the smaller size may be better, whereas a round toe might make the larger fit necessary. If in doubt, it is advisable to double check any returns policy offered by the company you're buying from. It is also useful, if you intend to wear socks or tights with your footwear, to do so whilst measuring your feet. This ensures that there will be enough room in the shoe to accommodate your clothing.

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What Will Be Next With the David Beckham Haircuts?

Whilst it is clearly David who has the lion's share of talent in the Beckham's relationship; Victoria should not be underestimated with regards what she has brought. After all, it is her who the world really has to thank for the wide array of famous David Beckham haircuts and fashions.

Before the two of them got together, David was a rather shy boy who really only demonstrated confidence and swagger on the soccer pitches he graced in the English Premiership.

Since then however, he has rocketed from a UK "footie" favorite, to quite possibly the world's biggest male style icon. Whilst images of him wearing the latest styles still make the headlines, it is with his ever changing hair that his real image lies.

Admittedly, some of these David Beckham haircuts have not been successful; but then that is the risk you run when setting yourself as an icon; you can't get it right 100% of the time. That he has gotten it right the majority of the time however, says a lot about his natural style and Victoria's eye for what works.

Take the fauxhawk for example. This was all but pioneered by David, and remains to this day one of the most popular men's styles the world over. That it is seen sported by young children, teenagers, those in their twenties and beyond is indicative of just how good a look it has been.

Today of course, we see "Becks" sporting a rather unkempt look. The color is very much what we believe to be his natural color, whilst the bearded face completes somewhat of a vagrant look. It is hard to say whether people will rush out to mimic this look; as it is very much a standard already.

One thing is for certain however, if picked for the England national squad for the World Cup in South Africa next year, there'll be one more memorable style to add to the list of David Beckham haircuts.

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You and Your Soccer Shirt

When you go to a soccer game you go to watch your favorite team and of course to hopefully watch them win. If you are a true diehard fan then chances are you have a soccer shirt and it will have the number of your favorite player or maybe you just want to represent the team and their colors. No matter what your reason is, putting it on for the game makes you feel as though you are a part of the something special.

There are several ways that you can get your very own shirt. Many people will go online and order them from a specialty store so they can have their own name put on the back. You may also go to your local sports store and find one that has your favorite players name and number so you can represent during the games. If it is the beginning of the season trying to find a shirt may be rather difficult. This is when going online and ordering your soccer shirt may be the best way to get the one that you want. You can even get express delivery to ensure that you have it on time for the first game of the season.

But what if you are a player and need uniforms for your very own team? Or what if you are a parent of a young one who loves the sport and you want to surprise them with their very own shirt? You can actually go online and design your very own soccer shirt for your young one. Pick their favorite color, add their name on the front and if they want to be a goalie, put the number 1 on the back. This is a great present for birthdays or Christmas. Your child will think that they are a part of their very own team.

Even if you an adult and you enjoy going to soccer games and watching your team, you can go online and design your very own team soccer shirt and even have your name placed on it. This way you can feel as though you are a member of the team that you are cheering for. Many people do this and only wear the shirt during game time. It is something special for many fans and they take great care of it and make sure that no harm comes its way.

There are two different types of shirts that you can purchase. There is one that is authentic and one that is a copy. Of course, the authentic ones can be quite expensive but for the true fan money is no object. You will also find fans that will purchase an authentic soccer shirt and hang it on the wall for display. This is usually of their favorite player and never gets worn. These are collector items and generally get handed down from generation to generation and may one day be worth a lot of money.

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Appropriate Fashion Sense For Men During the Winter Season For Layering, Warmth, and Accessories

s the fall time approaches near many men have important decisions to make as to whether or not they are going to smoothly transition into the upcoming winter fashion trends. Many men - depending on what their overall - goals are do not care about fashion coordination. However, this could be due to the fact that they already think they already have a great sense of fashion. It is likely so that there is a considerable amount of fashion trends for men that people should pay close attention to this winter.

First, many men think they can get away with disguising poor fashion sense with a think jacket and/or sweater. However, these garments usually come off when they are introduced to a get together or party where the heat might be uncomfortably too high. Coordination from head to toe can be accomplished simply, as well as vibrantly if applied in the proper manner.

Make sure to match belt color with shoe color. For most men, the choice isn't as evident as it should be. Doing this one simple task can simply make or break your social appeal at a party or dinner engagement. Also, do not wear black and brown colors together. Many men, especially in the winter seem to think that these two colors go together fabulously. Unless, it is extremely light brown, there are very rare occasions when these two colors go together. The worst scenario however is where a brown belt with black shoes (or vice versa) is chosen.

Secondly, layering is a fashion sense that comes in most handy during the winter season. This is because layers - if chosen appropriately - can really accentuate a male's physical characteristics, as well as keep someone warm. A simple while button down is a god start. Make sure to tuck this piece in. Deep v-neck t-shirts are a wise choice for the layer over top. This is because the v-neck portion of this garment will still display the buttons and physical characteristic of the button down shirt underneath. Next, a sweater or vest that also has v-neck characteristics will keep the layering consistent. Coupled with a unbuttoned sweater or jacket will finish the ensemble nicely. Be sure to match colors appropriately.

Lastly, fashion accessories really shine during the winter fashion season. Men should consider matching scarfs, to keep the cold away as well as to display a sense of accessory. Outfit matching hats can also be a wise choice for outings in the cold or fall weather. Wrist watches are ideal as long as one takes into consideration the matching of colors with the belt and shoes. Many men overlook this; however, if one only has one style of watch, then, if not a matching choice, probably better to not wear the watch at all.

These simple steps during the winter season can really bring out a men's sense of fashion coordination. As these various fashion trends leave ample leeway for extreme layering and color combinations. Be sure to take notice of others around you for future ideas and possible implementation as odd are, you might not be the only person at the occasion with a good sense of how to layer clothing appropriately during the winter season.

Secrets of a Fashion Daredevil - #3 Clothes That Make You Powerful - Slimming Jeans

Young or old, big or small we as women are always looking to improve our bodies because, lets face it, when we feel less than our best we tend to weaken ourselves. I still can't decide whether its the result of media malfeasance or our innate competitive nature that drives us to be our best (or crazy). Whatever it is when we look good we feel like we can do anything and often its in that state of mind we are at our best. For this reason many of us turn to fashion for a way to express ourselves and put us in a place where we feel confident and powerful.

A recent find that puts me into that powerful place came unexpectedly to me from pair of jeans; that's right, a pair of jeans. These jeans were not just any designer jean, rather they are what I'll term as "Slimming Jeans". A special design that uses a mix of Soft Denim, Nylon and Spandex as well as special stitching and waist band construction to put me together in all the right places. These jeans moved my saddle backs back, my muffin-tops down, while lifting and compressing me in a way that suited me. I felt comfortable and when I looked in the mirror I didn't see the bulges anymore, I saw a slimmer trimmer me that I felt like showing it off.

Since the first time I wore my Slimming Jeans I became aware of a few brands, each with its own story. Here are a few excerpts from my research. Not Your Daughters Jeans ($118): Faded indigo color and stylish high waist made these jeans look harmless on the hanger, however, its true your daughter wouldn't be caught dead in these. Beija-Flora "Jennifer" Jeans ($170): Brazilian engineered and designed to flatter these high waisted jeans somewhat missed the styling mark, they felt good and had sizes up to 16 but not enough figure-flattering effect. Hello! SkinnyJeans "Nitewash" Jeans ($178): Designed in LA this smart classic look transcends trendy, these jeans look good now and will into the future. These jeans cuddle your curves and you'll agree your thighs haven't looked this good since the "treadmill days". Omce Leven Jeans ($70): Designed in Medellin, these jeans fit a bit tighter than the others we tried but delivered a saddle back proof rounder backside. The "jeans levanta cola" were comfortable and we could not find any difference in quality as compared to the brands at more than twice the price. Mich-Up Jeans by Ann Michell ($75): By far the most comfortable "butt lift jeans" we tried; these jeans lifted butts and compressed our hips, although they were a little loose in the tummy. After a few washes the color and quality held up, again a great value.

The new break through in fabric, design and styling give us a new fashion item that is both beautiful and functional. I like the way I looked in these jeans (others who tried them concur). I don't walk around with a jacket tied to my waist when I wear these jeans. Not that I want to show off what I got, but I know I can if I want to, and that make me feel good. Many of these Slimming Jeans are available at Telegaleria.

Amazing Stylish Designs in Today's Eye Glasses Frames

Amazing stylish designs in today's eye glasses frames are quickly becoming the hottest fashion accessory of the year. More than a purse, a pair of shoes, or a pencil skirt, fashion frames are the first thing a person notices. For this reason it is important to choose eyewear carefully.

Eyewear has come a long way from the thick lens and black frames standard in past generations. But, retro is always in and a new thinner lens can be found in updated, stylish black frames that match today's hip fashion attitude.

There are a multitude of shapes, styles, and designs available in eyewear. A person should determine which glasses to purchase based on her fashion sense and needs.

So Many Options With Attitude

It may seem overwhelming when first faced with choosing a pair of spectacles and faced with all of today's options. Hundreds of textures, colours, and styles ranging from funky to demure make it difficult to decide on just one pair. It is always helpful to keep a few points in mind when shopping for glasses.

* Why are the glasses needed? Will they be worn periodically or all the time?

* Hair colour, eye colour, and shape of face

* Colour likes and dislikes, predominate colours in wardrobe

And, don't forget attitude! When choosing fashionable frames it is important to choose frames that match attitude. For example, if a person wants to express their desire to be a power player or to jet around the world, a wrap around frame or larger frame will match her attitude. Or, if an inner lady is looking to break free, the pair of dainty pastel glasses is perfect.

Amazing stylish designs in today's frames for eye glasses include reading glasses, sunglasses, and spectacles. Reading glasses are becoming more and more popular as baby boomers begin to age and develop Presbyopia, a condition where text blurs for people beginning around middle age.

Stylish and Portable

Fashionable reading glasses are compact and can be easily stored for portability. They also come in many designs. Their frames are super lightweight and the lenses are thin. One unique style of reading glasses is the size of a credit card. It fits into a purse or wallet and is available whenever needed.

Sunglasses are necessary to wear for protection against UV rays. As with all other types of glasses they come in many different styles and colours. In the 1950's and 1960's the sunglass craze began with Wayfarers and Aviation style sunglasses. Today there are over one hundred fashionable favourites for fall 2009 alone.

Of course, we cannot forget spectacles. The first and foremost selling style of glasses, spectacles come in literally thousands of combinations and lens types to fits every persons needs. One truly original frame for this season is making a big splash with fashion experts. The Coccinella, or the ladybug, pays homage to nature. This frame is foldable in a flat style for ease of storage. When folded it appears to be a small jewel.

From big, bold rock star sunglasses to small scholar reading specs, amazing stylish designs in today's eye glasses frames are a must. And why stop at one pair? If you are having trouble making a decision, buy more than one - purchase a wardrobe of fashionable spectacles.

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Some Considerations on How to Choose the Right Watch

Most people usually wear watches as the important accessory that could enhance their looks. In fact, watches could have many meanings. They could be used to represent your personality, taste, character, interest area and it can be used to show your social status.

If you would like to purchase watch for accessory, you need to do some research in order to get the best selection. Here you will see some considerations that you can use before determining the right watch for your needs.


The features of watch are important consideration you must think of. If you would like to have some exclusive features, you could choose the watches which have a specific amount of style, and have a classic, romantic, or a futuristic range of features.

Contemporary Watch

The design of contemporary watch comes from ultra-modern to the classic and from fun to chic, and everything in between. You can also find the watches which could be used in embarking on a certain activity such as mountain climbing, sea diving and so on.


Good watches come in variety of range prices which could be suitable with your budget. If you have a big budget, you can buy the expensive one which is exclusive. If you have a small budget, you can purchase a discounted item with high quality.

Resistance to Water

You must choose the watch which is resistance to water so it will be safe if you bring into contact with water. It is important thing that you must think of if you would like to purchase the right watch for your needs.

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Top Trends in Maternity Jeans

Gone are the days of draw string maternity jeans and washed out jean colors. Now, many designer maternity jeans are just as glamorous as non-maternity jeans. With all of the different types and fits available, it is easy to find stylish and fashionable jeans to wear the whole nine months.

When shopping for jeans, style, fit and price are important things to remember but do not forget about comfort. The following trends are stylish, affordable and have a comfortable fit.

Trouser Jeans by Japanese Weekend

With comfort in mind, this trouser jean is great for all occasions and can be worn sneakers and t-shirt or heels and a button-down blouse. Trouser jeans are wide from the hip down and therefore allow for room to grow. Try a trouser jean in a dark wash for a fashionable fall and winter look. This style of jean comes with an underbelly waistband and will certainly be a jean to wear post-maternity as well.

Skinny Jeans by Maternal America

Skinny jeans are very fashionable and usually come with an underbelly fit waistband. Skinny jeans can be worn with boots, flats or heels and can easily be dressed up for an evening out or dressed down for an afternoon lunch. Skinny jeans tucked into boots flatter all body types and are great for taller women. These jeans are great for any season but may not take you all the way through pregnancy.

Kelly Jeans by Citizens of Humanity-Faith Wash or Bootcut Jeans by Japanese Weekend

A bootcut style is a great every-day jean. This classic style jean comes with an underbelly or overbelly waistband for comfort and style. A popular style, it is easy to find jeans in all lengths and sizes. Some bootcut jeans fit slim through the tights, while other stretch or have a wider tight fit. This style looks great and comes in a variety of washes. Matched with any shirt or top, this is a great outfit to wear around town.

Boyfriend Jeans by Paige Premium Denim Maternity

Boyfriend jeans are just that, a pregnant woman's best boyfriend. These jeans are loose and have a comfortable fit and can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy. They have an underbelly fit with an adjustable button-out waistband that allows a woman to grow along with the baby.

Being pregnant is a joyful time in a woman's life and her clothes should reflect her personality and character. With all the options in, maternity jeans there is no reason why a woman should not look and feel great all nine months.

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Virtual Online Closet - The One-Stop Destination For All the Fashion Enthusiasts

Since its early inception, Internet has always been proved itself as an effective medium to accomplish different day-to-day jobs in the smartest possible way and that too without wasting one's precious time and effort. In the current time, this innovative medium of merchandising has the capability to make businesses faster and simpler and in this regard fashion is not an exception.

The online medium now has come up with bulk of good news for the fashion designers, fashion companies and fashion boutiques, especially those who are eager to present their collections, brands, style and trends to the common mass of all over the world. Well, the good news is the 'virtual online closet.' Now several questions must be coming to your mind in this regard. Ok, let's discuss about this brand new conception of contemporary fashion.

As the name suggests, the virtual online closet is an online marketplace where both the fashion industry professionals and common fashion conscious people will be benefited in as perfect manner as they have always wanted. Over there the fashion designers can feature their new collection of clothes to millions of fashion enthusiasts. Not only that, they will be facilitated by getting an opportunity to sell their collections.

On the other hand, such virtual online place is the one-stop destination for all the fashion conscious people, who always want to stay updated in this aspect. Through such websites now they can mix and match their clothes and preview their looks with ease without having to pull everything out of their closets. All they need to do is, simply upload individual photos of all the items in their closets and then place them in any combination on their personal avatar. That's not all; the personal style advisers of these websites are always ready to help them to meet their style statements which they are looking for.

The virtual online closets offer you all the tools required to enhance your style and the aesthetic radiance of fashion. So, why wait? Get yourself registered with a virtual online closet today and start decorating yourself in the possible innovative ways.

Keesha Parsons is an experienced fashion industry professional. He has been working with this industry for last 15 years. Keesha writes on different new aspects of fashion industry such as virtual online closet on regular basis.

Fix Frizzy Hair - Tips, Tricks, and More

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with curly hair is to avoid drying it out. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The curlier hair is, the more care needs to be taken with it. Flat irons will indeed bring curl under control, but unless a great deal of care is taken, flat ironing can quite easily damage hair, and long term can even lead to baldness. This is, of course, in addition to the risks of burning the hair while using the iron. Excessive washing is the number one enemy of curly hair. The tighter the curls in the hair, the less washing it should receive. It should ALWAYS be conditioned after every washing, with a conditioner that specifically says upon the bottle that it is a moisturizing conditioner. After washing and conditioning, hair should be just blotted dry enough to no longer be dripping wet and then combed and brushed.

A spray on leave-in conditioner should now be applied, such as the one made by Ion. To avoid having a wild unmanageable riot of a head of hair in the morning, braiding the hair after applying the leave-in conditioner works wonders. Before brushing or combing at any other time, wetting the hair down with a spray-in conditioner/detangler is a good idea. This makes combing and brushing much less of an ordeal, with fewer snags and less painful pulling, which is always a boon when dealing with children's hair. Also, applying a shine spray when brushing or combing at times other than post-shampoo helps revitalize hair, making it glisten while also moisturizing.

The methods and manner of brushing and combing play a big role in curly hair management. First, it bears repeating, NEVER BRUSH DRY. Use an aforementioned spray, or at the very least dampen the hair. Second, it must be done in stages to avoid breakage. A wide toothed comb should be used first. The comb should not simply be dragged through the full head of hair. It needs to be done in section. Once the wide-toothed comb is no longer hitting snags and tangles, switch to a hard bristled brush, again staying in sections. Once this is no longer hitting snags, then a fine toothed comb is called for, still working the head in sections. Finally, a soft brush can be used. Depending on what manner of styling is being done, the sections may or may not need to be maintained any longer. For example, if the desired style is a half-dozen separate braids, obviously the sectioning needs to be kept. However, if a simple single ponytail is the coiffure du jour, the soft brush is sued to sweep it all together gently.

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Got a Flat Behind? Play Up Your Assets With Butt Enhancing Jeans

Isn't it funny how we always want what we can't have? The girl with the round and pert backside wishes that her rear were 5 times smaller. Meanwhile, the girl with the non existent posterior wishes to achieve a larger butt. Well, if the grass is greener on the other side, just water yours! If you've got a small behind, you can create the illusion of a larger one with butt enhancing jeans. Here's how to do it.

  • Look for light weight denim - This material is very stiff and heavy. If you try to stuff a flat butt into denim jeans, it will only create a flatter looking behind.
  • A little stretch goes a long way - Your butt enhancing jeans should additionally contain some stretch. A mixture of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent lycra is best. This combination of lycra and cotton, especially when it's in a nice tight-weave fabric that's fitted through the hip and thigh area will help lift your buttocks. Too much lycra and your jeans may start to ripple like a pair of leggings. If there's not enough cotton content, there won't be enough structure to hold you up.
  • It's all in the pockets - The most effective trick for creating the illusion of a bigger butt is to choose jeans with flap pockets. The added bulk of the flap will enhance and add dimension to your tiny tush. True Religion is notoriously famous for their flap pocket designs. You can also try Hudson, Rock & Republic, Frankie B and Paige for addition flap pocket styles.
  • Pocket placement - If you're not a fan of flap pockets, or if you've already bought too many of them, you can also try denim with regular pockets. Be sure to aim for a pair with smaller pockets that sit higher and this will help make your rear look lifted.
  • Cut is also important - Look for jeans with a slight tapering at the knee, such as a straight leg or skinny style. This cut will make your bum look a bit larger in comparison to the rest of your body. Great styles to try are True Religion Billy, Julie or Stella, Siwy Harmah or Rose, and Hudson Emily or Paige.
  • How low can you go - Actually, you don't want to go too low when it comes to the jean rise. The goal is to project more, not less. A pair of low rise denim will only reduce the size of your rear. Instead, opt for a pair with a medium rise.
  • Color me right - Since dark colors minimize, dark denim and indigo will create a slimming effect. You do not want this kind of effect on your barely there behind! Try to find light colored or medium blue denim. Grey is very flattering and will also work.

Like a great bra, butt enhancing jeans can also lift and separate what little you have. So it wasn't in your genes to have a nice, round bottom. Big deal. Be happy with what you've got and just improvise!

Did you find these tips on butt enhancing jeans helpful? When shopping for jeans, it can be quite challenging. Sometimes what looks good on someone else may not look so good on you. The key to finding the perfect jeans is to find a pair that flatters your body shape. Take a look at my site for more tips on how to find jeans that flatter your figure and where to buy designer women's jeans like butt enhancing jeans and more at discount prices.

Locating the Ideal Dress

was kibitzing with my BFF yesterday about all of the difficulties I have with dresses. I am serious, it is nearly undoable for me to purchase them whether wholesale dresses or top-notch brands. I am constantly looking for outfits that I love, can buy, and wish I possessed. I guess it must be something about my shape or tallness or slimness that just counters typical sizing. It is as if dresses wholesalers and retailers were in a plan to take away from me my most wanted style!

Let me explain, for example, I bought a super azure sheath from a wholesale dresses website that had, lucky for my pocketbook, a great and appropriate return standard. I selected a size that the fitting information that was right for me. But when it got here, it was way too droopy! Way below the ideal spot. To be sure, I could have had it altered, but the main idea of selecting from a dresses wholesaler on the net was to save some money. I sent it back and was very gratified that I had chosen a supplier that was very customer focused and had no problem with returns.

Then I tried a regular retail vendor. I had forgotten the sheath by this time and had switched gears to an empire-waist little number as my choice. I put on, I'm not kidding, 11 outfits in 8 establishments and found diddly squat! Each thing was too long or up to my neck; too slim or too wide; too checked or too colorless. Maybe the girls for whom these outfits were designed simply never lived in the regular woman's world.

So I returned to the web praying that the perfect wholesale dresses merchant would show up if I were more careful and unstressed. So did my homework with great care and then I chose a casual dress in a subdued print and what should have been the ideal size. I ordered. It arrived. I was nervous. I put it on. I glanced in the mirror and...

Perfect fit! I loved it! It just proves that you can accomplish anything, even find an outfit to match my size, with enough patience and effort. Next time you see me, I'll be in a well-fitted dress!

Chen Xiang has been in the wholesale business since 2000. She became one of the largest wholesale dresses importer in China.

Different Ways to Tie a Scarf

Wear your scarf with style by using it as a headband, bandana or head wrap, ponytail wrap, belt, bandeau, fancy halter top, one-shoulder top, skirt, shawl, and as an accessory to your bags or hats.

A scarf is a known accessory because of its versatility to fix and add style to any ordinary outfit to make it more fun, classy and elegant. It can be considered as a multipurpose cloth because it can be worn and tied in several ways.

Below are various ways of tying your scarf:


Replace the usual headband with a colorful scarf. Just fold the scarf lengthwise into a long strip of fabric. Wrap it on top of your head and tie the ends at the back of the nape.

Bandana or head wrap

You can always use your scarf to cover your head from sunlight or pollution whenever you're traveling or staying outdoors for quite some time. Use your scarf as a bandana or head wrap. Just fold your scarf into a triangle. Wear it on your head and tie at the back of your nape. Or you just simply cover the whole scarf on your head. Cross its ends below your chin and secure them by tying the ends at the back of your head.

Ponytail wrap

Make it a fun and colorful hair accessory. Instead of the usual band, use it to secure your ponytail. If you want to add more style to it, knot it around your ponytail for a few times and spread it out.


It can also be a fun alternative to a belt. Its colors and soft material make pants or lower garments livelier. Just insert it through your belt loops or you simply wrap it around your waist, and your outfits complete.


Transform it into a bikini topper or bandeau. Just fold it twice until it looks like a long sash. Just wrap it around your torso into the front. Secure it by tying the ends into a big bow.

Fancy halter top

It can also make for a great halter-style top. Fold a big square scarf into a triangle. Tie a knot in the middle of the folded scarf. Place the knot at the base of your nape and circle the scarf's end around your neck and secure it. This serves as the halter of the top. Finish it off by wrapping the triangle base just around your waist and tie it at your back.

One-shoulder top

This is great for poolside parties and the beach. You'll just need a bigger one. Bring the ends of one corner of the scarf over one of your shoulders and tie it into a knot. Bring their other two ends together and secure them at either the back of your torso or at the side of your waist.


Make a fascinating skirt out of it by tying two scarves at each side of your hip. Use this over a bathing suit or sleeveless top on the beach or at the pool.


Embellish a simple gown or formal attire with it. Use a big scarf and fold it into a triangle. Drape the long part of the scarf over your shoulders. Take the ends to the center and you can either tie them into a knot or not. And there you have it, an instant shawl.


As it makes most outfits shine by adding colors to the necklines, scarves can also be used as an accessory for bags and hats. Just tie them around your bags' handles. You can also add some style to your hat by wrapping a scarf around it.

There are still plenty of ways on how to wear your scarves in your own style. Discover more ideas on how to use them by experimenting. Sooner or later, you'll be walking with a new 'scarf fashion' of your own.

For more information on Scarves for women, please go to:

Christian Dior Handbags

The Dior line is sold exclusively at the 60 company-owned boutiques and shops worldwide. Some establishments were authorized to retail only product lines such as lingerie, handbags, ties, eye wear, and other accessories.

A lot of people prefer to buy a Christian Dior handbag primarily due to its workmanship and quality materials. Nearly all women understand the value of a genuine designer handbag. The right Dior handbag is as much a fashion statement as any other part of the outfit, and a great designer bag says much about the sophistication and taste of the wearer.

When scouring the shops for the perfect Christian Dior handbag it's important to be very cautious. The fact that genuine designer bags are enjoying an ever increasing popularity has also meant a boost in the number of replicas, fakes, and knockoffs. Always take the necessary precautions to make sure of the authenticity of your desired item. If you aren't getting your item from a Dior boutique or any authorized retailer, always make sure to buy from a reputable establishment. That point aside, there are other vital things to be on the lookout for when purchasing a fine Dior handbag. Scrutinize the quality of intricate details. These fine details may tell you a great deal about the workmanship and quality of the handbag, so it looking beyond the designer name will definitely pay off.

For example, paying attention to the stitching around the seams will tell you a lot and will help you determine if it's the genuine article or not. Keep an eye out for uneven or inferior stitching, as this is an obvious sign of a replica product. In like manner, the interior details will be classic and elegant on a genuine Dior handbag, but it may look substandard on a fake product. Looking carefully at these details will ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money. If you don't wish to spend a fortune on a genuine Dior bag, you can always choose to buy last seasons products which ate normally sold at discounted prices. The good thing about Dior handbags is that it never goes out of style!

Christian Dior handbags have their own special set of features. You may search for a Dior handbag in a lot of upscale retail outlets, but it is a lot more convenient to purchase online. As far as selections go, you might be interested in purchasing their most popular sellers that include Cannage large shopper, Diorissimo hobo, Dior gaucho washed metallic leather medium saddle bag, vintage voyage big Boston bag, the logo saddle pouch, the Cannage drawstring medium shoulder bag, rebelled aged leather, as well as the suede messenger hobo.

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Unique Coffee Mugs Are Great Gift Ideas

Depending on who you know, who you're related to, or who you work with, at any given time of the year, you probably find yourself researching for new and different gift ideas. And, depending on how close those people are to you, you probably would like your gift selections to be unique and special.

If this is a sentiment you can relate to, then look no further for gift ideas. You can gift with personalized photo mugs or a unique ceramic coffee mug with a funny saying or text on it! With such mugs, your gift can range from a sentimental keepsake to a gag gift. Ceramic coffee mugs and travel cups make wonderful gifts for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friend, or coworker. Put family photos onto mugs for great Mother's or Father's Day gifts, or incorporate these mugs into a birthday flower bouquet for a close friend at your workplace.

Whenever an employee retires, it is almost inevitable that someone from the office or a family member will buy them a gag gift. So why not take it one step further and make them a personalized coffee mug with a funny saying on it, or even make them a fun or embarrassing photo mug? Put photos from previous birthday pictures, or from company outings or activities. Maybe from a Halloween party (which can be funny depending on the costume) or from a Christmas party to remind the receiver of fun and memorable times from the past.

But the whole point of giving gag gifts is to get a "shock" from the person who isn't expecting such an unconventional gift. However, many times, the gag gift is thrown away or, at best, retired to a box in the attic. So you should seriously consider buying them a gag gift in the form of a uniquely personalized ceramic photo mug. This way you can accomplish that shock of surprise while retaining some practicality, which means they can at least drink coffee, tea or their favorite drink out of their gag gift!

You can start off with a blank ceramic coffee mug, travel mug, or beer stein and then just provide the vendor with a photo, a funny saying, or even both. It really is up to you, who you're giving it to, and what your relationship and comfort level is with them.

Some popular occasions for these kinds of gifts include gag gifts for retirement, 50th birthday gifts, funny wedding gag gifts, maternity gifts, coworker business gifts, and for a whole bunch of other events. This gift idea works for virtually any occasion, mainly because you can customize and personalize it to fit the reason you're giving it.

So stop your searching for interesting, fun, and practical gift ideas, and choose a fun photo mug or a personalized mug to personally express your message in pictures or in words. The receiver will enjoy it, time and again, and will be sure to get a kick out of it each time they sip a drink from their favorite mug!

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Fashion Swapping - 2 Easy Ways to Get FREE Fashion Items

Can you still be the fabulous fashionista that you are even in this tough economy?

Of course you can! You simply need to know how to keep your fashion sense alert without your pockets going for broke. One craze that is sweeping the nation with fashion forward women is something called "swapping".

Now, if you've never heard this term "swapping" before no need to fret, I myself am among the few who are still new to this concept. "Swapping" is just as it sounds, you basically exchange items between fellow "swappers".

Items that can commonly be "swapped" include jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothes, belts, scarves, hats...well you get the idea. Pretty much anything that is in good condition that you would be proud to let someone borrow can be "swapped".

Sound too good to be true? Well believe me ladies it's 100% the absolute truth! So how exactly does this work? I'm glad you asked :) There are 2 ways this can work:

1. Host your own fashion swap with close friends and/or family
- Great way to get the girls together
- Exchange items on a smaller scale
- Fun and practical
- Limited to the items from people you know only
- Free
- No minimum number if items to bring

2. Attend a fashion swap event
- Great way to get the girls together
- Exchange items on a much larger scale
- Tons of fun
- Easy, no planning involved on your part
- Swap with lots of people (giving you more swapping options)
- Inexpensive entry fee ($5-$30)
- Minimum number of items required from you to attend (1-5)

Whichever way you choose to participate in a fashion swap keep in mind that you will be updating your wardrobe and helping others update theirs. In addition, most fashion swap events donate left over items and part of their proceeds to local charities.

Let's all do our part ladies:

  • Swap instead of Shop
  • Be Green (recycling your clothes is eco-friendly)
  • Support Your Local Charities
  • Have a Girl's Night Out

And now I'd like to invite you to learn more about Fashion Swapping including where the next event will be taking place. Please go to

A Guide on Buying Shoes This Christmas

Christmas and New Year celebrations are just ten and eleven weeks respectively away from this week. Soon, the pressure of what to buy for the two celebrations will be wearing down on us- if it has not even started already. Have you decided yet what to buy as gifts for friends and family? What about what you should get for yourself? Have you not been working yourself out this out-going year? Do you not think you need some new shoes? In this article I will give out some guiding principles that will assist in trying to choose the best leather shoes for you, for your family members and also your friends.

Now, over the years what can we say has been guiding our decisions in buying leather shoes? Nothing! We will just wake up one day and tell ourselves that we need a leather shoe and we will just enter into any shoe shop to pick whatever kind of shoes we want. But, should we not be more concerned on what type of leather shoe is best for us?

Do we not know that leather shoes are made for different occasions?

First on the list of this leather formed shoes are the full grain leather. This type of leather shoes refers to the upper section of the hide that is used in making the shoe. The leather will still be in its unrefined form. The advantage of shoes made from this type of leather is its durability. It gives out the fiber strength to the shoe. Moccasins and some other slip-on shoes like Sperry leather fall into this category.

Following that closely is the corrected grain leather. This form of leather can also be called artificial leather. This is just the processed version of the full grain leather. In fact, this is the most common type of leathers around. Black leather shoes are made from this form of leather. So also it is leather used in upholstery as a covering for chairs. One advantage of this form of leather in our shoes is that shoes can be made almost new by polishing it. Italian leather shoes always come to mind when one is talking about correct grain leather.

The third in rank is the Split leather. This is got from the fibrous part of the hide left once the top-grain of the rawhide has been separated from the hide. During the splitting process, the grain and drop split are alienated. The drop split can be further split (thickness allowing) into a middle split and a flesh split. The split leather now has an artificial layer applied to the surface of the split and is marked with a leather grain. Suede shoes are the common type of the leather type; you will notice it in its flexibility.

Now, there are many more forms of leather like brained leather, patent leather, shagreen leather and the rest but the most common are those listed above.

Remember; when next you are shopping for shoes to wear in Christmas time always know why you are buying the shoe and how good it will serve you.

You can read more on Italian leather shoes by visiting Also various types of leathers shoes are available for your choosing.

How to Choose Short Evening Dresses That Will Impress Everyone

One look that's getting a lot of attention these days is the short evening dress. They work for the vast majority of functions, other than the extremely formal, and offer something a little different. But how do you choose one? It's important to end up with a short evening dress that flatters your body type, doesn't look or feel awkward and uncomfortable, and is appropriate for the event you're attending. Let's take a look at a few of your options, and how to choose the right dress for you.

We all know you can't go wrong with a little black dress, but it has to be the right little black dress. Short evening dresses can be classy, or way over the top, depending on how they're worn. Don't go super short in most cases, and remember how much you're revealing. In many cases, a mini-dress shouldn't show too much cleavage - it all seems like too much. Accentuate your assets, but don't put them on a platter!

Body type will affect the short evening dress you choose, as well. Very slender women will find that a tight or clinging evening dress works well for them. However, women who have even a small amount of body fat won't find this style as flattering. Something less clinging, or a dress that clings only where you want it to, will do your figure more favors.

Tailored gowns are a good choice for plus sized women, since they make the most of your figure pluses without highlighting your minuses. Take the time to try on multiple different choices, and remember that you can always have your short evening dress altered. A good fit is an important consideration!

How about color? There are more choices on the market than black, though black is a wonderful all purpose choice. When choosing color and pattern, think about your own skin coloration. Very pale women often have trouble with yellows, while women with dark skin do very well in strong warm tones. Think about what areas of the dress will be against your skin and how they'll affect the way you look. No one wants to buy a beautiful gown that makes them look sickly and unhealthy, after all.

Fashion is important, as well. Most of us won't be wearing our short evening dresses frequently, so we'll want them to last a while. Remember to choose patterns and fabrics that will stay in style, even after the current fads are over. Classic styling is more likely to be a hit for many years to come. While the latest fashion might be attractive, it'll date itself quickly. To keep from having to buy all over again in a few years, choose carefully.

It's not really all that hard to get a great short evening dress. Just take the time to think about who you are, what you look like, and what flatters you. Pick a gown that's versatile and classic in appearance, and one that'll work for many different functions. Don't overdo it, and get a second opinion if you aren't sure about anything. The result will be a dress that looks great, feels good on you and won't make you stick out while you have a great time.

Learn more about the Long Evening Dress and Short Evening Dresses from Brian Garvin & Jeff West.