Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Secrets of a Fashion Daredevil - #3 Clothes That Make You Powerful - Slimming Jeans

Young or old, big or small we as women are always looking to improve our bodies because, lets face it, when we feel less than our best we tend to weaken ourselves. I still can't decide whether its the result of media malfeasance or our innate competitive nature that drives us to be our best (or crazy). Whatever it is when we look good we feel like we can do anything and often its in that state of mind we are at our best. For this reason many of us turn to fashion for a way to express ourselves and put us in a place where we feel confident and powerful.

A recent find that puts me into that powerful place came unexpectedly to me from pair of jeans; that's right, a pair of jeans. These jeans were not just any designer jean, rather they are what I'll term as "Slimming Jeans". A special design that uses a mix of Soft Denim, Nylon and Spandex as well as special stitching and waist band construction to put me together in all the right places. These jeans moved my saddle backs back, my muffin-tops down, while lifting and compressing me in a way that suited me. I felt comfortable and when I looked in the mirror I didn't see the bulges anymore, I saw a slimmer trimmer me that I felt like showing it off.

Since the first time I wore my Slimming Jeans I became aware of a few brands, each with its own story. Here are a few excerpts from my research. Not Your Daughters Jeans ($118): Faded indigo color and stylish high waist made these jeans look harmless on the hanger, however, its true your daughter wouldn't be caught dead in these. Beija-Flora "Jennifer" Jeans ($170): Brazilian engineered and designed to flatter these high waisted jeans somewhat missed the styling mark, they felt good and had sizes up to 16 but not enough figure-flattering effect. Hello! SkinnyJeans "Nitewash" Jeans ($178): Designed in LA this smart classic look transcends trendy, these jeans look good now and will into the future. These jeans cuddle your curves and you'll agree your thighs haven't looked this good since the "treadmill days". Omce Leven Jeans ($70): Designed in Medellin, these jeans fit a bit tighter than the others we tried but delivered a saddle back proof rounder backside. The "jeans levanta cola" were comfortable and we could not find any difference in quality as compared to the brands at more than twice the price. Mich-Up Jeans by Ann Michell ($75): By far the most comfortable "butt lift jeans" we tried; these jeans lifted butts and compressed our hips, although they were a little loose in the tummy. After a few washes the color and quality held up, again a great value.

The new break through in fabric, design and styling give us a new fashion item that is both beautiful and functional. I like the way I looked in these jeans (others who tried them concur). I don't walk around with a jacket tied to my waist when I wear these jeans. Not that I want to show off what I got, but I know I can if I want to, and that make me feel good. Many of these Slimming Jeans are available at Telegaleria.

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