Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How to Catch Everyone's Eye in a Red Cocktail Dress

Red is a color that is immediately associated with something sexy. In fact, red dresses have always had an eye catching affect with an instant air of allure. There is a reason that a song has been written about a lady in red. The color red, quite frankly turns heads. So if you are really wanting to stand out at your next big event you too may want to look into purchasing a red cocktail dress for yourself.

When you slip on a red cocktail dress you need to feel great in it because sporting that color means that you need to feel confident in how you look. In order to be sure that you are going to look and feel great all night you will want to take a couple of details into account while you are shopping for the perfect dress for your event.

The most important thing in any dress is the cut and style of it. Sometimes when ladies are looking to purchase a fun red cocktail dress tend to make an error in judgement by choosing something a little too short or a little too sexy. You want to look sophisticated and provocative in your dress not sleazy and cheap.

The wrong cut will take your look the wrong way. Instead, really think about what cuts look great on your frame. If you have a great neck and beautiful shoulders then you might want to look at a chic strapless dress. However, if you are a bigger busted lady a strapless dress will not give you the support that you need which can result in you looking cheap. Instead, you might want to look at purchasing a halter top red cocktail dress because that will give you the support that you need coupled with the sex appeal that you are looking for.

When in doubt if you are trying to keep your red cocktail dress classy try to channel some of the old Hollywood glamour. Take a look at what the celebrities of today and the golden age of Hollywood wore. Often you will see that more demure necklines are the top choice because often what you don't show is more appealing than what you are showing. Rouching and bead work are also trends that are seen quite often on red carpets, so don't be afraid to look for a red cocktail dress that incorporates details like these.

Once you have purchased your red cocktail dress your look is far from complete. Accessories can truly make or break your look. The great thing about red is that you can pair it with either silver or gold jewelry. Additionally, you can pair a red cocktail dress with a fabulous metallic shoe. However, if you would rather not use metallics a simple black pump will instantly add a bit of sass to your outfit as well.

The most important accessory to pair with your red cocktail dress is your confidence. Trust yourself. You have chosen a dress that has a cut and style that suits your personality. Now, you need to slide it on and feel confident strutting your stuff because you are definitely going to turn heads!

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