Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Clothing For University Students - Practical Ideas

Everyone knows that going to college or university can cost a small fortune. So it is especially important to save money where possible. Some people need to be the center of attention with the most expensive fashion trends, but let's look at some more practical clothing ideas.

1. Wear a lot of comfortable clothing. With all the stress from tests and exams, the last thing you want to be stressed over is clothing that is too tight. If you don't want to wear comfortable clothing all the time at least have some on hand in your locker or car.

2. Buy a pair of good walking shoes. There is a lot of walking between classes and wearing bad shoes is only going to be a pain. You can pick up a good pair of walking shoes for under $50 at your local department store.

3. Buying clothes that you can layer on top of each other is another great way to be practical. If you get hot you can always remove or add some layers.

4. Thrift stores can be the ultimate way to save a handful of cash. Most of these stores sell old or used clothing for a couple of dollars. The other day I saw a full suit for $6. Sometimes they will have sales to save even further so be sure to stay in touch with them.

5. Remember that you can still look good with look a like brands. Buying designer named clothing is not a smart move while your in college. Your only there for a few years so wait until you have an established career before spending your even cent.

Justin recommends a pair of battery heated gloves for your long waits at the bus stop.

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