Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How to Dress to Look Both Sexy and Stylish at the Same Time

Let's start with shoes. They are the spice and great finish of any attire. A lot of women tend sacrifice comfort to 'dress-to-kill' look on absurdly high heels. After a whole day at work or all night long party they suffer from sore feet, heavy legs, weak knees and back pain. True, high heels are simply enchanting but on condition that you can walk on 4-inch heels. High-heeled legs will not look any sexier if you can hardly move and your gait is awkward to say the least. Flats may not give the effect you desire so try to choose something in between.

Another important issue is to fully understand the difference between sexy and slutty. On no account has a sexy look much to do with baring it all outright. Let their imagination work and leave some parts covered. You need to develop a sense of proportion and feeling for occasion as it imposes a particular code of dress. Low-cut tops should not go with mini skirts. Try to pair them with jeans or denim leggings. You will look much better - more stunning and trendier. Nakedness looks good on the beach, under shower or in bed otherwise it is simply pathetic. The same applies to see-through-all-over tops and dresses or super skinny black leather pants. Be very careful with these as you may end up looking sluttish. Excessive bareness is in bad taste.

The trick is to expose your strongest points and mask weaker elements of your figure. Here again you have to avoid exaggerating - restraint is the key word. Bring out one asset at a time to fully focus the viewer's attention on a particular feature. Examine your figure type and individual body build to be fully aware of what should be covered and what you have to highlight.

March up with fashion trends. Stay in the know but don't be slave to fashion. Don' t copy the latest Paris-Milan-New-York look thoughtlessly. Fashion magazines are not religion to follow indiscriminately. Finding the middle-ground between what's in and what suits you is an absolute must to look hot and natural. Don't buy clothes only because they are in vogue. You have to look good and feel yourself in a piece of clothing you are trying on. This is the main criteria. And if you look up-to-date at the same time it means you have found a perfect garment.

To spice things up and add flavor to your attire play with accessories such as handbags, scarves, and jewelry. Don't forget about the rule of restraint and moderation. Excess will destroy any outfit. If you wear a richly embellished necklace be soft on other pieces of jewelry. Style and elegance requires simplicity and subtlety.

And the last tip, don't be a copycat but try to stay unique by experimenting with fashion. Only then you will be able to express your own personality, individual taste and stand out from the crowd.

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