Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Designer Women's Dresses

This is an interesting time, in the women's dresses. There are a number of new dress designs in the pipeline, and it has become a 24 hour job just keeping track of the skirt designs being exhibited on the catwalks.

The ruffle skirt has attracted a lot of press, and it only takes one good celebrity shot to bring the right kind of attention to a particular product. If women's dress designers are going to regain their rightful place at the top of the fashion tree, then it must be time to tap into the strong influence of UK designers. There are so many statements yet to be made, and it really is encouraging that European elegance has fused more with American casualness.

As the London fashion week proved, many leading designers are making their mark in the industry with women's dress styles. Lead designers such as Matthew Williamson, Paul Costelloe, who have been around for years are best placed to offer their opinion on UK fashions. Their view is that London fashions are at a very exciting time, with a strong college design scene, now filtering into the fashion shops of the capital, and the changing vintage dress styles on show. London's 25th year of fashion weeks, really raised the dress designers bar and it is reflected in the amount of interest from womens fashion experts such as Anne Wintour. London fashion week attracted them all.

If times are hard, then the fashion industry are pulling out all then stops to attract sales, through striking women's dress designs. Some comfort can be taken from having a stylish dress on, and women generally opt for fashion first, cost later. To this end, the fashion industry is recession proof, as can be best demonstrated by the incredible array of women's dresses on the market.

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