Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How to Fashionably Wear a Scarf

Here are different ways to fashionably tie a scarf. Examples of which are the ascot wrap, faux bow, French twist, hacking knot and the fake knot.

Scarves are now being used as a fashion accessory. They are so versatile that they can be worn in any season, occasion, or in any outfit. Be it for casual or professional attire. Scarves are good enhancers of your looks and your outfit. There are just so many ways to tie your scarf to match your outfit. Examples are given below.

Ascot wrap

The ascot wrap is like wearing a tie, but, with the use of a scarf. It is an excellent way to embellish formal attires like collared shirts or blouses. In order to do this, you just wear your scarf around your neck, like a tie, making sure that the right end is shorter than the left. Take the left end of the scarf over the right. Push the left end through the loop below the neck so that the left end comes over the top. Spread the scarf neatly then open a few of your shirt or blouse's top buttons. Tuck the ends of the scarf under the shirt exposing only the top spread out part of the scarf.

Faux bow

A faux bow scarf is great for open necklines. An oblong neck scarf is what you will need. First, tie a loose knot on your scarf and put the knot just below your chin. Cross the ends of the scarf behind your neck and then bring the ends again to the front. Insert the ends of the scarf on the loose knot, making sure that they are in opposite directions. Finally, tighten the ends comfortably.

French twist

The French twist is perfect for jackets or suits. This is what you will do. First, you have to fold your scarf lengthwise. Put it around your neck and drop the ends in front of you. Now, wrap and cross the ends around your neck and pull them to the front. Make a knot and turn it to one side.

Hacking knot

The hacking knot is a simple way to wear your scarf that is great on both casual and formal attires. All you have to do is fold your scarf in half (lengthwise) and wear it around your neck. Twist the ends and make a tight knot below your chin then just leave the ends hang loose. You also can twist the knot so that it will stay on one side.

Fake knot

A fake knot is great for casual or semi-formal attires. First, wear the scarf around your neck and bring all the ends to the front. Make a loose knot on the right end of the scarf then insert the left end into the loose knot. Pull the left end of the scarf and balance the lengths of the ends. Adjust the knot by tightening it a bit.

There are still more ways to tie your scarf. Just experiment and make a new style of your own.

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