Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Locating the Ideal Dress

was kibitzing with my BFF yesterday about all of the difficulties I have with dresses. I am serious, it is nearly undoable for me to purchase them whether wholesale dresses or top-notch brands. I am constantly looking for outfits that I love, can buy, and wish I possessed. I guess it must be something about my shape or tallness or slimness that just counters typical sizing. It is as if dresses wholesalers and retailers were in a plan to take away from me my most wanted style!

Let me explain, for example, I bought a super azure sheath from a wholesale dresses website that had, lucky for my pocketbook, a great and appropriate return standard. I selected a size that the fitting information that was right for me. But when it got here, it was way too droopy! Way below the ideal spot. To be sure, I could have had it altered, but the main idea of selecting from a dresses wholesaler on the net was to save some money. I sent it back and was very gratified that I had chosen a supplier that was very customer focused and had no problem with returns.

Then I tried a regular retail vendor. I had forgotten the sheath by this time and had switched gears to an empire-waist little number as my choice. I put on, I'm not kidding, 11 outfits in 8 establishments and found diddly squat! Each thing was too long or up to my neck; too slim or too wide; too checked or too colorless. Maybe the girls for whom these outfits were designed simply never lived in the regular woman's world.

So I returned to the web praying that the perfect wholesale dresses merchant would show up if I were more careful and unstressed. So did my homework with great care and then I chose a casual dress in a subdued print and what should have been the ideal size. I ordered. It arrived. I was nervous. I put it on. I glanced in the mirror and...

Perfect fit! I loved it! It just proves that you can accomplish anything, even find an outfit to match my size, with enough patience and effort. Next time you see me, I'll be in a well-fitted dress!

Chen Xiang has been in the wholesale business since 2000. She became one of the largest wholesale dresses importer in China.

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