Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Knee High Boots Are Functional and Sexy

Knee high boots should not be just a fashion statement. They should also be functional, as they were originally designed. Cold weather warrants extra protection for your legs from the elements but that doesn't mean you have to stop looking nice. Even if you have to dress professionally for work, you can find the right style that will provide you with the protection that you need and the good looks that you want.

One of the major factors in finding the perfect knee high boots is the type of legs that you have, while another thing to consider is the materials that is best suited to your legs and dress style. Keep your legs in mind before you even think about trying them on.

When you have bigger legs or bigger calf muscles you will often find that the best style of boot for them are stretchy ones. These boots are often made with some mix of spandex to provide them with the stretching ability. This helps ensure that your boots won't chafe your legs or fall down. Chunkier or wider, blocked heels are the best option because they will help you keep your balance and create the appearance of smaller legs.

Women with skinny legs and smaller calf muscles will find that the perfect knee high boots for them will be made from a rigid material. You do not have enough meat to hold the stretchy boots up, so you need a pair of boots that can stay up on their own. These boots will usually have a full length zipper. Slender 2 inch heels can help create the appearance that you have bigger legs.

Once you find the right style of knee high boot for your legs you can then go and get as many pairs as you want in all the colors they have available. They will keep your legs warm on the cold winter days and nights out while also making sure you look great.

Do You Know What Boots You Are Looking For?

Womens knee high boots can be incredibly sexy but you can also wear them to work.Knowing which ones to buy for which occasion is the secret.

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