Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How to Measure For Shoes

Shoes with different width fittings are a wonderful way to find footwear that feels tailored to you, without having to pay extortionate prices for bespoke items. With costs no more expensive than those on the high street, shopping with a company which carries more than the standard width fitting is a great way to get fashionable, affordable shoes that are the right size for your feet. Whether you have feet that are wider or narrower than average, there is now a whole range of top-quality, international designers who offer high fashion styles in your size.

Whether you've just purchased a fun, flirty pair of pumps, or some sassy high heels to go with your little black dress, you need to know that they'll be comfortable enough to wear over the course of a day at work or an evening out. To do so, it is important to ensure that your new shoes fit correctly, whether you have wide or narrow feet, or are able to wear standard width fittings. This is an incredibly easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes at home - all you need is a measuring tape from a sewing kit.

In order to measure your foot properly, simply place a tape measure on the ground and stand on it firmly at your foot's widest point. It is important to do this whilst standing, as your foot will spread out when you put weight on it, giving a different measurement to one you might take whilst seated. The widest point is usually the distance between the bone below your big toe and the bone below your little toe, leaving the tape measure at a slight angle. When the measuring tape is in place, simply wrap it around your foot and take note of the circumference, using this to determine which size is best for you. You should measure within an accuracy of half a centimetre, and it is important to take note of the circumference of both feet, due to the fact that one is often wider than the other. If this is the case, you need to use the larger measurement when placing your order. If you do not have a tape measure to hand, you could also use a piece of string and a ruler to achieve the same results, marking the string at the appropriate point and measuring what this length is afterward.

If the measurement you took resulted in a half-size, you should assess the style of the shoe and decide whether to opt for the larger or smaller option. If the shoe comes with a pointed toe, the smaller size may be better, whereas a round toe might make the larger fit necessary. If in doubt, it is advisable to double check any returns policy offered by the company you're buying from. It is also useful, if you intend to wear socks or tights with your footwear, to do so whilst measuring your feet. This ensures that there will be enough room in the shoe to accommodate your clothing.

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