Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fab Styles and Trends to Keep You Warm This Winter

Every season brings its own hot trends and styles, and this year is no exception. Some of this year's style choices are brand new and exciting, while others are updates and variations on popular traditional classics. Whichever you choose, it's a great way to stay at the forefront of style even during the wintertime when the weather is cold, dark, and dull!

Boho Chic - This trend is not for everyone because it tends to feature lots of busy prints, short skirts, and other pieces that require a more petite body to really pull it off. Team up a tunic with long leggings but make sure the tunic drapes well; To complete the look add a draped coat, shrug or shawl. Opt for animal prints in all different colour shades for your short skirts and be sure to invest in a good pair of thigh boots to protect your legs while still looking great.

Rock Chick - This trend builds on the many big shoulder looks being shown this year. Try combining a jacket with big, pointed, shaped shoulders with slim pants and a tunic; whenever possible, opt for leather, metallic fabrics, and lots of grey and black shades. If you can work in a studded hip slung belt it will really make the outfit catch everyone's eye!

Classic - Although the word is overused, classic styles are always elegent and in fashion. Wear knee-length skirts which are slightly tapered with a white shirt or ruffled blouse in a strong colour for maximum effect. Curvy is really ''in'' this year so look for combinations that define your waistline. To finish the look add a trench-style coat or military jacket for that stylised and polished look.

Cool Urban - A great style for casual evenings or for the career women who don't have to wear power suits into the office every day. Try teaming up skinny jeans or leggings with sexy little ankle boots and a checked shirt, or knitted dress for a great look. A long jacket in soft, swinging fabrics completes this look, creating an effect that makes your legs look longer and your overall silhouette look cutting-edge and fantastic.

If you're not sure which look is best for you this winter, head to your local department store with a couple of friends and spend an afternoon trying them all on to see how they work for you. It's guaranteed to be fun for all of you!

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Zara Shoes, Always Impressive

As most of you know by now, Zara is becoming a big name in the fashion world. Bringing the world professional suits, flirty skirts, shirts and trousers in both men's and women's collection, this is one name that absolutely will not to be forgotten. Now, Zara is offering shoes that will blow your mind with a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and prices. The creators at Zara have brought something to the table for everyone to try, and have made it possible for just about anyone to walk the street in style with their affordable prices.

Some brand name shoes cost up to five hundred dollars if not more, you can find Zara's brand name styles for as little as one hundred and sometimes less than that, I've seen as low as forty dollars online! However, these aren't your run of the mill cheap shoes; Zara shoes are gorgeous and can make anyone look good. Zara offers women strapped heeled sandals, thick pumps, flats, and many other various styles. By offering so many styles, Zara is creating something for everyone and gives everyone a reason to check them out.

Zara also offers men's shoes, and while this collection is less popular, it is still a decent collection. Zara shoes for men offers sandals, traditional laced up sneakers and more unique edgy sneakers for those looking to try a bolder look. The men's collection of Zara shoes is quickly becoming a big trend, what's most unique; the Zara trend is to wear sandals with long business like trousers. Shockingly enough, this trend has caught on and looks pretty good on men everywhere.

This season, it seems that Zara is experimenting with flats for both men and women. In bold colors like purple and yellow, both men and women are treading the streets with bold colored flat sneakers that look so awkward, it works for them. That seems to be the Zara way though, they have made a fortune off of making things that just shouldn't work look fabulous on anyone and they have taken styles that are considered traditionally ugly, and made them stylish. That is what fashion is all about, and that is one of the biggest reasons people are clinging to Zara this season, everyone is oozing wondering what will be next for this daring clothing brand.

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