Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ladies Will Always Be Ladies - Why the Need For Loads of Evening Dresses?

Are you going to a party? Invited to a wedding perhaps? Invited to a prom? Is your boyfriend taking you to a posh restaurant for a romantic date? Well, if any of the above circumstances hold true, then you are surely on a panic mode already. You don't know what dress to wear. You don't even know if the couple who has asked you to be part of the wedding entourage will provide you with free bridesmaid dresses. You are not sure if you have the appropriate evening gown for that party.

True, ladies will always be ladies. You always have an excuse to fret over not having the perfect gown even if your closet is full of wonderful evening dresses. You worry about not having the right shoes even if you have more than 20 pairs already. You dread the thought of not having the appropriate accessories even if your jewelry box has loads of it.

So why do ladies worry about these things too much? Why can't they just settle at the idea of wearing the same evening dress in another party? Let's explore.

1. Ladies don't want to be caught wearing the same attire on another occasion.

In a time when almost everyone carries a digital or an SLR camera, the possibility of a memory immortalized has shoot up - the possibility of your picture taken is very high. Because of this, you don't want to recycle your evening dresses, so to speak, as you don't want to have two different pictures with an identical outfit. Even if the crowd for both occasions are different, it would still be a bit hard for you to think that you were "caught" on the same outfit at different times. Never mind if you spend a fortune on evening dresses, as long as you are sure that there's no evidence of "evening gown recycling," then you'll be fine.

With Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and other social networking sites looming around, the possibility of having these identically-dressed pictures seen all over the world is also on the rise. Therefore, as much as possible, you don't want to wear any of your evening dresses more than once.

2. Ladies want to have a collection of dresses.

Ladies love anything beautiful and fancy. Since evening dresses fit into this category, then they would find an excuse to buy one. This means that even if you still have a gown that perfectly fits you, you'd rather spend a fortune on a new one. Oh, the thought of shopping for evening dresses is enough to make you salivate!

The same amount of excitement gets to you at the idea of buying a gown and a pair of shoes or a list of accessories that will go with the evening dress. Ah, ladies indeed!

Boys will always be boys and ladies will always be ladies. As such, you won't mind depleting your savings just so you'd end up being in a comfortable gown. You don't mind shopping for wedding dresses in Toronto just as long as you know that you will look regal and fabulous on it!

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