Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Designer Handbags For Less - Staying in Style on a Budget

Having less money to spend on things like designer handbags is an unfortunate reality these days. As much as we hate it, we have to adjust to the times in which we live. Without eliminating "fun" spending altogether, there are compromises you can make in order to continue to have what you want. The following are three ways to have the designer bags you love without putting an extra strain on the family budget.

  • Rent a handbag: There are sites on the internet that allow you to rent bags for a monthly membership cost. No, the bag won't be really yours, but you will feel like it is yours for a couple hours. No one else will know that the bag is rented. In addition to the money you will save, you will be able to keep up with the new trends without breaking the bank. Instead of digging through your closet to find the least outdated bag for a special event, you will have your choice of the most popular option.
  • Buy less frequently: Set a specific amount of time between bag purchases. Instead of impulsively snatching the cutest bag that catches your eye at the mall, commit to buying a bag just once every 3 months, or once every 6 months. You will enjoy the moment that you are finally able to purchase a bag so much more.
  • Buy less expensive bags: If you simply must buy to feed the shopping monkey on your back, consider buying significantly less expensive bags. There are cute bags made by notable designers that do not cost thousands of dollars. Choose these bags instead and your wallet (and husband) will thank you!

Being fashionable doesn't have to cost an arm, leg, and hip! One of my goals is to dig and find as many "cheaper" options as I can. Follow the link to see what I have found so far at Designer Handbags for Less !

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